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Size customization services.

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Color customization service.

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Logo customization service.

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Free design services.

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Pre-painted line service.

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Door-to-door shipping service.

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8-10-year warranty.

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24-hour online consultation service.

Our advantage
We have 20000 square meters of large-scale fully automated production base. The self-developed automation equipment guarantees the daily output of 10000 square meters and the annual output of 3500,000 square meters.
We have a research and development team, specializing in research on the modification, functionalization and high performance of polymer materials.
We can customize the color, size and LOGO according to the needs of customers.
We have a strict quality control system, our products have passed the three major system certifications of IS09001, 14000, and 18000, and have EU CE, REACH RoHS, and SGS test reports.
China Sichuan Rongcheng Huasu Polymer Material Co., Ltd.
Company Profile

Sichuan Rongcheng Huasu Polymer Material Co, Ltd.Sichuan Rongcheng Huasu Polymer Material Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of sports flooring. The company is located in Chengdu, covering an area of about 20000 square meters. The company has 40 employees, including 6 R&D teams. The products have won more than 10 national patents, passed the three major system certifications of IS09001, 14000, and 18000, and have EU CE, REACH, ...

Our products have been tested to comply with these standards and it has been approved below.
  • Professional Sales Team

    24-hour online consultation service. Factory direct supply, to provide you with a complete set of sports floor solutions with best price.

  • Professional designer

    With advanced design capabilities, expertise and skills, we are able to provide unique sports court floor design and technical solutions to meet customer needs and market changes.

  • Advanced Equipment

    20000 square meters of large-scale fully automated production base. The self-developed automation equipment guarantees the daily output of 10000 square meters.

  • Easy and Fast Installation

    Before delivery, we will draw the LOGO, and lines, and then pack them according to the number on every tile. After you receive the goods, you can assemble them according to the number.

  • Sales

  • Design

  • Production

  • Installation


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Unique elastic latch structure floor

Customizable colors, patterns and logos

10000 sqm / day capacity

Excellent R & D capability

Latest company news about Rongcheng Huasu & Shengxiang Sports held a product training meeting at the Southwest Operation Center
In August 2023, Mr. Cheng, the deputy general manager of the national sales of Dekor Sports, trained the sales staff of Rongcheng Huasu in the southwest operation center of Dekor Sports on the relevant knowledge of Dekor elastic sports floor materials. Mr. Cheng learned from Dekor Sports Elastic Sports Floor The brand positioning, product series, product details and other aspects of the material were explained in detail to everyone.   Brand Positioning With a brand value of 85.856 billion yuan, Shengxiang ranks among the top 100 of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands and won the title of China's leading brand in the sports flooring industry in 2021. As a demonstration unit of the Resilient Flooring and Wall Panel Industry Innovation Alliance, Shengxiang's resilient flooring product quality leading international.   Product Description Shengxiang elastic sports flooring can provide private pattern customization services to meet customers' personalized and customized needs. Taking user preferences as the core guide and combining with actual usage scenarios, we customize exclusive solutions for users, 100% restore what users have in mind, and customize them according to their heart.   Product Features   1. Shengxiang's elastic sports floor material adopts a closed foam back layer production process. Double-layer foam back layer structure, the reinforced foam back layer improves the comfort and safety of the sole of the foot. It can achieve a ten-year warranty, saving the budget for renovation and maintenance. 2. Shengxiang elastic sports flooring adopts reinforced glass fiber structure, which is durable, has good elasticity and dent resistance, the product is more stable, the ball rebound performance is good, and the energy return performance is good. 3. Shengxiang elastic sports floor material EN71-3 does not contain 19 heavy metals, does not use o-phthalic plasticizers, TVOC≤100μg/m³
Latest company news about Rongcheng Huasu & Shengxiang Yuanwei held a communication and sharing meeting at the headquarters of the Southwest Operation Center!
Company Profile In order to let the friends of Rongcheng Huasu have a deeper understanding of the Shengxiang Group, Mr. Sun Liyou introduced the development history of the Shengxiang Movement in detail. Power Dekor Group is a subsidiary of Dare Group, which was established in 1993 and is mainly engaged in real estate, aluminum, filter materials, packaging, wheels and other businesses. Power Dekor Group was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is mainly engaged in flooring and related industries, involving the development, production, research and sales of home furnishing series products. With the development of Power Dekor Group, Power Dekor Yuanwei brand was established in 2017. It mainly focuses on medical care, education, sports, office, hotel and other commercial fields. It is a professional floor and wall material system service provider. Products include coils, sheets Wood, rubber, sports flooring, outdoor time wood, prefabricated wall panels, Class A fireproof wall panels and other floor wall material systems. Shengxiang Yuanwei has created a series of products specifically for the sports space. Shengxiang Sports is a product series specially created by Shengxiang Yuanwei for the sports field. It is developed and polished by a senior team, and finally launched Shengxiang Yishu solid wood sports flooring, three-layer solid wood sports flooring, multi-layer solid wood sports wood flooring, Shengxiang Yishu elastic sports flooring and other sports flooring products.   PVC Elastic Floor Material Construction Technology Mr. Sun Liyou gave an in-depth explanation from the basic treatment of construction, interface agent construction, self-leveling construction, adhesive construction, floor installation to final cleaning and maintenance, and the small partners of Rongcheng Huasu actively raised questions and discussed together.   Business Etiquette Mr. Sun Liyou shared and explained the value of business etiquette, the shaping of professional image, common business etiquette, and workplace etiquette. Summed up three principles: in line with identity, less is better, same quality and same color.   8 Elements of Self-management   1: 10 minutes in advance for everything 2: sorting out work before work and finishing work after 3: complain less 4: Discover more of the advantages of others 5: keep moving 6: Maintain the habit of reading 7: Invest in yourself 8: Wishlist      

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